Sunday, October 5, 2008

encaustic pieces

I've been wanting to go back to making mixed media/encaustic pieces lately, but have really enjoyed doing photography. I decided to combine the two, inspired by my recent altered book and came up with this idea. I'm so in love with these. I'm going to have to go back to the thrift store and get some more used books so I can make more.


I'm thinking about adding a bit more to the next ones I make. Like this one I started drawing on the inside of the book as well.

dahlia bulb

both at my etsy shop.

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MEVE said...

I just fell on your blog (is it a good way to say it?). I'm Canadian, a Quebecor, in fact, and I got also a blog. I really like your work, this is so beautiful, soft and full of light...
I will had some pictures of yours on This is a french blog about thinks I like, inspirations, and the bakery I will open soon with my boyfriend, in the countryside.