Monday, February 25, 2013

and the oscar goes to...

Such great fashion this year!  Jessica Chastain set the bar pretty high when she was the first big star to appear on the red carpet.  Then Amy Adams showed up.  I'm thinking it can't keep going this well.  After I saw Naomi Watts and Jennifer Lawrence I knew this was going to be a good night of fashion.  I don't know who my favorite is!  I think it's either Naomi Watts (who I was really hoping would pull a surprise win) or Amy Adams.  I am very happy Jennifer Lawrence won though.  I just love Naomi Watts so much and that movie really got to me.  I have to say I was really disappointed (as I think most of us were) in Anne Hathaway's choice.  Apparently she was going to wear Valentino, but then changed her mind 3 hours before the show.  Bad choice Anne.  I kept hoping she would keep her dress she performed in on for her acceptance speech.  Oh well.  BTW- how adorable is Daniel Day-Lewis?  His third oscar win and he's still the most humble and genuine person there.  Not to mention the most handsome :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

costumes: pushing daisies (the world of chuck)

If I could raid any fictional character's closet it just might have to be Charlotte Charles aka Chuck.  She's everyone's favorite dead girl.  I love her brightly colored retro inspired wardrobe.  My favorite outfits are the ones she wears to the morgue in which she usually goes undercover with a dramatic scarf or a big hat and sunglasses.  I was trying to decide what my favorite look of hers was and I just couldn't pick one.  Maybe that gorgeous green full skirted dress with the line of silver sparkle down the front from the Halloween episode, or it could be her quirky geometric shaped tunic she wear over leggings.  I also adore the yellow vintage coat and dress combo she wears with a vintage scarf and yellow sunglasses.  (looking over these again I just decided, it's the peach full skirt dress with peter pan collar and pintucked details with her crocheted 3/4 sleeve cardigan.)   Ned must have a big closet! (if you click on these you can see them larger.)

television interiors: pushing daisies - outings

These are some of my favorite sets they built for when they leave The Pie Hole and go out with Emerson to investigate.  My favorite has the be the rival candy/taffy emporium run my the always hilarious Molly Shannon.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

television interiors: pushing daisies - homes

So we've toured The Pie Hole, now let's check out where our main characters call home (or in Emerson's case, his office).  Chuck kind of floats around to all three of these places, but wouldn't it be fantastic to see what her solo apartment would look like?  We got a little preview when she temporarily moved into Olive's place while she was away at the nunnery.  Who could forget her wall of books?!  Tomorrow we will visit some of my favorite locations.

Ned's childhood home (I love how much it looks like the pie hole):

Ned's apartment:

Olive's apartment:

Emerson's office:

Lily and Vivian's house: