Friday, June 26, 2009

movie interiors: lying

I just watched this absolutely beautiful movie last night called "lying" starring the lovely Chloe Sevigny, Jena Malone and Leelee Sobieski. There was basically no story and it was really slow, but the shots were absolutely beautiful. It was worth watching just for that. And of course, I fell in love with this amazing house.

There was a scene where they ate al fresco at this gorgeous old farmhouse table in front of her house.

This cute little dinning alcove was my favorite part of the house.

The living room had beautiful french doors on either side of the room.

ok, this was at Leelee Sobieski's house but I couldn't resist posting it. I have always wanted a bookshelf with a rolling ladder.

Here's a preview that shows just how lovely this movie is shot:


Captain Nick Sparrow said...

I love that bookshelf!

Every Little Counts said...

How did I not hear about this? The location and the styling looks absolutely stunning. Going into my Netflix queue right now...