Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Night Circus

I was recommended this book through amazon. Normally I ignore those emails, but when I saw the word "circus", I had to check it out. The description drew me in and when a friend of mine who has similar taste in books was also recommended it, we both decided to order it. I got two other books as well and I was going to wait and read that one later as it was the longest. It sat on my coffee table all weekend and come monday morning, I grabbed it to take with me to work. I didn't put it down for the next four days.

Rarely does a book suck me in as much as The Night Circus did. It was so fantastical and enchanting. The description of each and every part of the circus made me feel like I was right there in the middle of it. It's a story of magic (literally), love and enchantment. You must read this book!

btw-the whole time I was reading it I thought "someone MUST make this a movie!" Summit already bought the rights and the book was just released a week and half ago. Just sayin.

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