Wednesday, August 15, 2012

movie interiors: factory girl

Andy's Factory:

 The iconic Warhol factory.  Imagine someone walking into a giant loft and deciding, "why don't we cover the entire thing in tinfoil?"  This is such a crazy fantastical space.  People coming and going as they please.  Parties every night.  It's amazing he got anything done in there.  I guess he did have all those worker bees around...  I have to say although Guy Pearce did a pretty good job playing Andy Warhol, no one does it better than David Bowie.

Edie's apartment:

I love Edie's apartment.  She has that whole back wall of white and red modular shapes that's repeated for her enormous headboard.  I love the way the did the color scheme of red white and blue without it coming off patriotic.  And may we please take a moment for those amazing windows?  The architecture of this building is so breathtaking.  Such a shame she burned it down.  Poor girl.

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