Monday, March 18, 2013

tara donovan

Aren't these installation sculptures by artist Tara Donovan so incredible?!  She uses simple everyday objects and turns them into incredible works of art.  I actually didn't believe the first one was made up of plastic drinking straws until I saw the super close-up.  I thought it had been mismarked!  It looks like a dreamy wall made up of layers of encaustic.  These are so inspiring.  It reminds me of this lady I talked to once when I was working at an art supply store.  I was helping her pick out a very expensive sable brush and her husband said "Do you really need that?"  She looked at me and said "You're only as good as your materials right?"  I just had to smile and nod while secretly thinking "I hope not, because I use the $2 paints and get materials out of the dumpster out back."

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