Monday, May 25, 2009

a little bit of gardening

We've doing a bit of plating this year. Last year, we couldn't plant anything because we were in a level 4 drought and could not use any outside water at all. The year before that, we planted a lot, but most of it either died in the drought or our dogs tore it up because we didn't protect it. Here's a bit of what we've planted so far this year:

1. Weeping Willow 2. Purple Wandering Jew 3. White Rose Bush
4. White Gardenias 5. Harry Lauder's Walking Stick 6. Wisteria
7. Hostas 8. Creeping Jenny 9. White Calla Lilies

I so wish The City Gardener would come back to HGTV. That show was so informative and creative (not to mention I had the biggest crush on Matt James.)

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