Monday, August 30, 2010

movie interiors: The Time Traveler's Wife

First off, I have to say, please read the book BEFORE seeing the movie. The book is so amazingly good and this movie just did not do it justice. The only redeeming quality it has are the amazing interiors of the homes of Claire. That and the casting of Rachel McAdams. She was who I pictured in my mind the entire time I was reading this. The rest of the cast was off and they just flew through the story way too fast.

However, when I saw it come on HBO this weekend I found myself recording it just so I could revisit these beautiful homes. I especially love Claire's studio and the first apartment with it's amazing windows and cobalt blue sofa.

Claire & Charisse's Apartment:

Henry & Claire's Apartment:

Henry & Claire's House:


Anonymous said...

oh wow thats another book to add to my Summer list !!


Brandi said...

I totally agree with you on reading the book first. I am not one for love stories but this book blew my mind!