Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sketch away

I'm looking for a new small sketchbook to carry with me in my purse. The one I have now is almost full due to several games of hangman played with my husband while waiting for a movie to start. It's so hard to find a cute one that's unlined and not too expensive. (I want to spend less than $15) Anyone know any good sites/etsy shops to look for one?


darling clementine





Lulu said...

oh i am always on the lookout for notebooks for my purse, too! i have two already, one is a book dedicated to words and the other i tend to write lists and random things in. i use Moleskin a bunch (they have unlined books) and whatever i find at New Seasons or Whole Foods (or any natural grocery store for that matter tends to usually have some notebooks).

{ I V Y } said...

i want a cute sketchbook! :)