Wednesday, April 18, 2012

movie interiors: a series of unfortunate events

I really wanted to love this movie when I saw the trailer for it. While I did like it, I didn't love it. The art direction and costumes were utterly fantastic, but the story was lacking (and jim carrey was overacting...). After seeing the movie, I have read all 13 books and I discovered they combined the first three into one movie and made up an ending.

It's worth a view just for the visual aspects alone though. I love Count Olaf's house with the beautiful green moldings, the eyes hidden everywhere and all of the artwork in the house is portraits of himself of course. My favorite scene is the play the put on in the back yard. So fantastical.

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R Lategan said...

I am so glad to find that I'm not the only person who felt (exactly) this way about the film. The costumes, sets and visuals were brilliant, and especially the "hidden eyes" as you mentioned, but the story was watered down and it seemed as if the Baudelair children were not as grim as they should have been(given their circumstances).