Thursday, April 26, 2012

movie interiors: the vow

Her studio:

My husband and I went and saw this movie on Valentine's Day (our first cliched v-day ever in 10 years!) and I loved it. It's based on a real couple who had an accident and the wife couldn't remember her husband. So sad, but this movie really is lovely. Especially their apartment and her amazing studio. Seriously, I want to move in right now. Having that fantastic studio just a few doors down from your loft? My favorite part is the giant inspiration wall and those glorious white flat files. I have a giant metal one I got at a school sale, but what I wouldn't give for a smaller wood set.

The kitchen is near perfect. Not too big, not too small with a little island and a vintage schoolhouse clock on the side of the white cabinets. Not to mention those fabulous light fixtures. If I could take one small detail though it would be those wood shelves with the metal cage sliding doors. They fit so perfectly in this space. This is a favorite movie interior for sure.

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Viktoria said...

beginning to look, but alas, did not finish. is switched on again!