Monday, February 11, 2013

and the red carpet continues...

Last night there was double the carpet with both the BAFTA's in London (which is what I watched) and the Grammys in California.  I've never actually been able to sit through an entire Grammy Awards show I usually just watch bits and pieces of the red carpet even though I have no idea who most of the people who come are.  If I hear that "We are young" song one more time I'm going to break something.  Anyway,  there were some interesting fashion choices on that red carpet.  The BAFTA's was a good show, just WAY too many commercials!  It was insane.  (and Helen Mirren has pink hair!)  Next weekend awards season will wrap up with the Independent Spirit Awards and finally the Oscars!  Here are my favorite looks from both shows last night:



Oh yeah.

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