Monday, August 27, 2007

What a day. I've been doing a lot of promoting today, getting things ready for the busy shopping season. I think I'll promote someone else's work right now instead.

Ever since I joined etsy I have been a huge admirer of Jen McCleary's work. Her shop is fill with many amazing pieces just waiting to be taken home by someone (ideally me). This is one of my favorite pieces from her:

I just love the colors and how you can see the brush strokes and the texture of the lace. It's beautiful. You can buy her work at

My sister-in-law is studying abroad in Paris right now. I'm so jealous, but so happy for her at the same time. The closest thing I can get to France is this lavender french soap from savon de marseille.


Gabreial said...

That soap does look yummy!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Lovely work - thank you for sharing a great artist.