Monday, December 7, 2009

Artistic Weekend

I had a lovely weekend this week. I took my husband back to the open studios I went to on Friday. Both of their house are insane. There is art everywhere you turn and the architecture of both of their houses is perfect. I ended up getting a table as an early birthday present from George Long's house. Below is picture of his dining room with a table and chandelier he made.

That corner in the top right of the picture is this adorable little loft reading area. That house had so many little nooks and crannies I just loved it!

Here's the gorgeous side table I got. It's made out of metal, rebarb and what looks like straw and resin. I love it!

Here's some of his work at his most recent show at Marcia Wood Gallery

This tree trunk piece was outside in front of his house. My husband wanted to take it home. (and I did too!)

I might be taking a resin workshop from him soon which I am very excited about. I've always wanted to learn more about it. The other house we went to was of this wonderful couple.

I also had my opening at Young Blood Gallery which went pretty well. Of course I didn't bring my camera so sorry no pictures!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

btw- I saw this lovely french film last night that I highly recommend you watch. If you have netflix it's on instant streaming.


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