Wednesday, December 2, 2009

movie interiors: 27 Dresses

This apartment kind of reminds me of the one in P.S. I Love You The entryway floor is almost exactly the same and they both have white columns in the entryway and exposed brick in the bedroom. Never noticed that until now.

Oh how I love white kitchens.

the infamous closet full of bridesmaid dresses.

I love this couch. I don't think I can have a velvet couch and two dogs though. (check out the claw foot tub peeking in the back.)

and it has a wall length window bench like in P.S. I love You. I wonder if it's the same set designer? Just checked. Not the same, but the girl who did P.S. I Love You also did Confessions of a Shopaholic


Swiss Miss said...

This is such a cool idea - movie interiors. I love all the ones you have capture. You have such a keen eye for those details. One of my favorites even though it's not a typical "house you'd live in" is the weathered old mansion in the beginning of Great Expectations the most recent version. Magical. I'm looking forward to all your movie interiors and love your blog!

mkendall said...

thanks! I love that house too! It's on my list of one's I want to post about.

Swiss Miss said...

awesome! i'll look for it

Anonymous said...

Haha this is so adorableeee!
I loved Ps. I love you (:
I will most def come back to read moreeee.
xoxo skg.