Friday, December 11, 2009

movie interiors: A Woman Is A Woman

I've had this movie on my netflix queue for literally years now and I finally watched it this weekend. I just love their instant streaming! And I love this French apartment!

the exterior of their building

I love these rustic floors.

I love how everything involving Anna Karina is red and blue in this film.

why don't they make doors and windows like that in america?

the lamps and bookcases are a funny part of the story.

check out those checkerboard scalloped edges on the shelves.

wouldn't you love to look out your window and see that?

this one has nothing to do with the interior, her outfit and hairdo are just too cute.


Every Little Counts said...

oh, how i love your interior posts!

Every Little Counts said...

oh and i love that you got a shot of that quote..."i despise everyone" so good.

missb@dragonflyvintage said...

how do you do instant streaming??

mkendall said...

Netflix has certain movies you can watch instantly on your computer or if you have an xbox 360, playstation 3, or a blu-ray player you can stream movies directly to your tv. I love it!

TheBeautyFile said...

This looks amazing! And totally beautiful!