Monday, February 15, 2010

movie interiors: (500) Days of Summer

In a year of really crappy movies, this was probably my favorite movie of the year (along with Up.) It was such a good refreshing and honest love story and of course it had two beautiful apartments to look at also!

Tom's Apartment:

I love his architectural artwork his has displayed throughout his place.

His apartment had a very classic but masculine look to it which I loved.

my favorite part was his chalkboard headboard.

which he later changed...

to a beautiful skyline.

Transition to Summer's apartment:

love that toile wallpaper.

and the Magritte reference.

every girl must have a vanity of some sort in her bedroom.

I want an iron headboard to wrap christmas lights on.

this part of the movie was really clever.

and who wouldn't want that gorgeous rooftop deck?


Every Little Counts said...

i just finished watching this! AND... i totally thought of you when i saw tom's apt. i knew it would be perfect for your interiors post- and here it is!

elisemaree said...

this is one of my favourite movies.

mkendall said...

lol! That's funny.