Wednesday, February 3, 2010

movie interiors: Because I Said So

OK, so this movie was terrible. The only thing it had going for it was the costume and set design department. I wanted to smack Diane Keaton the entire movie. The only good part was when she get laryngitis and can't talk for a little while. But Mandy Moore's loft is to die for.

If I can't have a vintage refrigerator I want a chalkboard one.

I had to post this one because she's covering up her gorgeous green vintage oven in the other shot.

I wish I was organized enough to have an open pantry.

I love those green velvet chairs in the little sitting area.

Even her kitchen island is made out of old brick!

this is a really annoying scene where they decide to rearrange the furniture and end up with it exactly how it was. "oh it looks so much better!"

I want that orange ottoman.

this is her boyfriend's kitchen which is too cute and bright and cheery I just had to post it.


Brandi said...

I would like to steal her home. Definitely. I love this move. Every time I see it. And it's not just because of the awesome lockers in Millie's giant apartment. Or that chalkboard refrigerator. Or the awesome very vintage-y looking pieces. Though they all help.

Every Little Counts said...

The brick! I am obsessed with brick. We some in our loft, but not that much... I want that much!