Wednesday, April 7, 2010

movie interiors: Great Expectations

I wish this post looked better. My dvd of this doesn't look that great and I really hate it when they use the super widescreen. However, this mansion is absolutely gorgeous. It's another that I wouldn't really want to live in (possibly because it's being overgrown by plants) but I would love to vacation there.

this place has amazing gardens surrounding it.

see the vines growing inside the house?

the magical water fountain.

I love the repetition of green throughout this film.

this is my favorite room. I would love to have a studio in here.

and it has an amazing balcony/patio leading out to the ocean.

and I absolutely love Finn's studio:


Swiss Miss said...

Yeay! Great Expectations! This is the ultimate space taken over by nature, so dreamy. Thanks for featuring in your lovely movie interior series.

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