Friday, May 7, 2010

movie interiors: Penelope

I discovered this small gem of a movie last weekend while browsing through netflix instant streaming. I remember when this came out and I thought it looked kind of cheesy, but the sets and wardrobe in this film are amazing. The story was actually pretty cute too. If I had to be locked away in my room for my childhood, this is the room I would want to be in. (soe of the pics are kind of blurry because this was a starz movie.)


I love her butterflies and terrariums.

how awesome would it be to have a swing in your room?

I want a giant red tree in my room.

her library and waiting room for gentleman callers.

curiosity cabinet

I love the red and green color scheme surrounding her.


Every Little Counts said...

i totally want a swing in my room!

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

I watched Penelope for the first time 2 weeks ago on Encore. I actually thought of your blog because I know how much you love a good interior. Super cute movie!

Marinka said...

that movie was really cool I like the decor