Monday, May 24, 2010

movie interiors: Rosemary's Baby

I love when movies have a color theme and this one is full of soft yellows, white and hints of navy blue and red. I love watching the transformation from when they first move in (my favorite part about moving!)

does it get any better than dark hardwood floors with white molding?

this is really close to my dream kitchen.

I love the stove and fridge!

The yellow flowery wallpaper is so pretty.

I love Ruth Gordon. "How much you pay for a chair like that?"

oh how I love subway tile.

those doors are so gorgeous.

I want this phone


Laney5569 said...

i love to simulate colors themes in my own videos.
i like the saw style and matrix :-)
a little bit green and high contrasts.

Anonymous said...

i love your blog name...polaroids and cupcakes! My two fav things :]

mkendall said...

thanks Jada! It's a lyric form an old beck b-side.