Wednesday, May 23, 2012

studio inspiration

My husband and I decided a few weeks ago to swap sides of our studio downstairs.  I've always had the bigger half because I take up more space when I work.  I hardly ever work down there though and I feel like as soon as I'm down there I want to leave.  Then I realized my half was wide open on the right side because of the stairs. 

I've always liked closing a door when I work and now I don't have that option.  So we switched sides (his idea not mine) and now instead of two walls I have three and make-shift divider made up of old windows that we installed years ago. 

Now we're just getting some new/old pieces since we lost most of our stuff in the flood.  We found an amazing 1950's wood and leather tufted chair that rocks for only $5 at an estate sale.  I also got my husband an awesome old metal table on wheels that's been passed along by many artists at a moving sale of two artist friends of mine. 

Now I love our new space and want to work in there all the time!  As soon as I find a table for my newly restored vintage sewing machine I'll post some pics.

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