Friday, March 12, 2010

movie interiors: The Royal Tennenbaums

This is the longest movie interior post yet. But how could I not include any of these shots of this amazing house! I would have loved to grow up there. I would have to stake my claim on Margot's room...a library, diarama area, huge walk-in closet, window seat, ballet bar and her own darkroom?! insane. You gotta love a house that's main color scheme is pepto bismal pink.

adults sleeping in tents. so perfect.

Check out all those copies of National Geographic!

I want my own phone booth.

and my own rooftop deck.

the light fixtures in this house are insane!

love the stained glass windows.

Eli's house:

Raleigh's house:

I just love this bathroom. (and that pink phone!)


Every Little Counts said...

incredible! i love this movie.

yudis said...

great design

greeting from indonesia

Hilary said...

One of my very favorite movies and the interiors are indeed superb. Nice to see them all in a like this!