Wednesday, June 9, 2010

movie interiors: amelie

I think pretty much everyone has seen this movie by now and fallen in love with Audrey Tatou. I went and saw this in the theater with some friends having no idea what we were even seeing. I was pleasantly surprised.

I love the red and green scheme of this apartment (or entire movie rather) with little pops of blue.

How striking is that blue?!

and even her tv is green. That's what I call committing to a color scheme.

the subtitles were changing just as I clicked the button.

I want some orange/red sheets but all I can ever find in my price is burgundy.

I love her animal paintings. And this wallpaper completely changed my mind about having any.

Can I say how much I love this bathroom?

Why don't they put interior glass doors in houses more often?

I love her little herb garden.

wouldn't you love to have a little market right outside your building?

and a view like that?


Eeny said...

Amélie is one of my favorite movies. And I just wish my French was good enough to watch it in French.

Every Little Counts said...

one of my favorite movies, hands down. i'm so in love with the rich colors, and the music, and audrey tatou, and paris, and well... everything.

Lulu said...

ah favorite movie ever. i saw it and it changed my life. i don't know how...but aesthetically, i've never seen a more gorgeous movie. i love her house! and almost every part of the movie wouldve made an amazing still. ahhh gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!