Wednesday, June 16, 2010

magical interiors

wallpaper by Laura Felicity

I am infatuated with that pink chandelier.

this room looks so magical.

I want curtains made out of that wallpaper.

can you imagine taking a bath with a giant turtle staring at you?

If only homes could really look like this.

I wonder if this is what it would look like on the inside:


Sarah Knight said...

Those are lovely & surreal : )

Kelly Leigh said...

oh my gosh I love the last picture. I've always wanted to live in a tree house when I grow up.

with a chance of said...

i almost completely forgot about Jerry Uelsmann and his house/tree photo! I love his work, he's one of the reasons I started in photography! great selection.

Lulu said...

ohmygoodness so gorgeous =]