Monday, June 11, 2012

movie interiors: take this waltz

Love this house and all of their vintage and antique furnishings.  It's so cozy and warm feeling.  Such a cute couple too.

Their neighbor's house.  Again I love all of the antique furnishings and the art taped up everywhere.  I especially like the quote wire sculpture by his front door.  What a fantastic neighborhood! I"m pretty sure the artist is the same person who did this book cover but from what I can see the artist isn't credited just the designer.  Not cool guys.

I adored this film.  Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen were adorable together.  The sets, costumes, acting, and cinematography were all beautifully done.  I know this isn't wide release yet, but I was able to watch it on demand.  (I love when they do that!)

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TellMeMore said...

Thanks for posting your love of this film's home. I just watched it last week and the saturated colors and eclectic art and furnishings really appealed to me as well.
I keep thinking about it and wondering where it was filmed.
I'd like to blog about it and wonder if you'd mind a link to your post?
I have a home organization blog and I like to feature real homes (even if they are fictional) as inspiration to others.