Tuesday, June 5, 2012

television interiors: Girls

I am loving this new HBO show Girls by Lena Dunham.  I saw her film Tiny Furniture last year and thought it was hilarious, so I was very excited when I saw a trailer for this new show a few months ago.  I highly recommend it.  Now let's get check out their fabulously tiny new york apartments...


Marnie and Hannah's apartment.  I love the mix of Hannah's vintage, thrift store style with Marnie's artsy modern style.

Shoshanna's apartment.  I lover her preppy pink and black and white color scheme.  She has the same lampshades in her living room as Don Draper has in his bedroom.

Charlie's apartment.  I absolutely love Charlie's apartment and can't believe Marnie never went over there in the four years they were together.  How awesome is it that he designed and built all of the furniture in there? 

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