Friday, June 8, 2012

estate sale finds

After weeks of searching at every thrift & antique store & estate sale I could find I finally found an affordable and perfectly sized sewing table and an awesome mid-century chair to boot.  The chair had this hideous blue and white striped fabric that had more of a country style.  To my extreme surprise and delight when I removed the fabric to recover it I found the original covering underneath in near perfect condition.  Not bad for $5.

And because the table was a little wobbly I got it for $32.  All it really needed was it screws tightened and few drops of wood glue.  We've also found this awesome 1950's tufted leather and wood chair again for only $5 and an amazing mid-century dining table for $22.  I am officially addicted to estate sales.  I'll post more pics when I put the finishing touches on the room.

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