Monday, January 11, 2010

movie interiors: gigantic

ok, so I didn't really like this movie. Actually I hated it. It had a lot of promise, but it just couldn't decide what type of movie it wanted to be. Was it a love story, or a psychological thriller, or a family gathering movie? The only thing I really liked was Zooey Deschanel and John Goodman's loft.

I love the white walls and white wood floors with the bright art everywhere.

they have several eames chairs in their home.

I still want a vintage or retro fridge like that, but in pink.

I love their dwr stackable bookcase. (not to mention zooey deschanel's kimono)

again with the gorgeous art laying haphazardly all throughout the apartment.

you know how I love my exposed brick!

I've always wanted my bed pushed up against a giant window, but I've never had one big enough.

how gorgeous is that thick wood table?


Every Little Counts said...

this is my dream apartment! i think i say that a lot, but i think i really, really mean it this time.

it's funny, because i just saw this movie in the listing guide yesterday but i decided to watch something else. now i don't feel so bad for skipping it.

Brandi said...

it's a fantastic place. and i really really want her kimono (i've been on a bathrobe/kimono search for what seems like an eternity).
super good taste.

Swiss Miss said...

yes this is an amazing space! love the floor and light from those big windows