Monday, January 25, 2010

Hitchcock Photography

I ran across these Alfred Hitchcock inspired photos from Vanity Fair via a cup of jo. They portrayed 11 of his films using modern celebrities. I picked out the ones from the movies I've seen. They're pretty amazing.


The Birds

To Catch A Thief


Rear Window

Dial M For Murder

this one cracks me up!:

North by Northwest


Every Little Counts said...

i love when they do spreads like this. i actually just watched Dial M for Murder last night- sooo good! now Vertigo is next...

mkendall said...

Vertigo is my favorite! You'll love it!

Brandi said...

Awesome. They look like they were so much fun to shoot. I haven't seen some of these movies and I'm curious to.

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

These are fabulous! And that last one made me giggle, too. There must be Hitchcocok in the air, as I recorded Rear Window last night to watch soon.

JMay said...

These are awesome!