Wednesday, January 20, 2010

movie interiors: love and other disasters

I was browsing through instant movies on netflix this weekend and came across this cute british romantic comedy. It stars the late Brittany Murphy and her gay roommate Matthew Rhys who live together in this adorable apartment in England.It was a fun light movie to watch on a lazy sunday. (or monday holiday)

exterior of their building

I love the contrast of dark navy and white everywhere.

(they're watching Breakfast at Tiffany's)


I'm obsessed with bookshelves right now.

it just wouldn't be a movie interior post without exposed brick. (notice the neon "bathrooms" sign. There's another sign for the bedrooms.)

there's the sign. from an old hotel no doubt. I love the weathered bench mixed with the 50's diner chairs.

brittany's bedroom (my favorite part) I want to see that photograph on the window sill up close!

I know this is a weird shot, but it's the only one I could get of this wall. I love the antler rack for hanging long necklaces from.

I absolutely must have that pink lamp!

I love the idea of having an open closet so you can see all of your beautiful clothes.

that wall sculpture above her bed is so lovely.

I love a good workspace.


Brandi said...

This loft is so smart. I love it. I hadn't heard of this movie before -- I'm so glad you decided to post photos of it's awesome interior. Those little details are awesome.

Every Little Counts said...

i loved this movie! i don't remember hearing anything about it but i randomly stumbled upon it awhile ago...brittany murphy was so cute in it, a modern holly golightly. thanks for reminding me!

i am dying over the exposed brick....

ena and the swan photo said...

Never seen that movie. Brittany looks charming...luv her hair like that. Very nice place. I'd live there for sure : )