Thursday, July 1, 2010

fish tacos

I love pretty much anything Giada De Laurentiis makes. I've cooked a ton of her recipes and pretty much all of them have been amazing. On Sunday, my husband and I made her new
fish tacos recipe and it does not disappoint. It contains some of my favorite ingredients including arugula, tilapia, mango and avocados. It's perfect for summer.



What a wonderful recipe. My husband is a tilapia farmer here in the Caribbean, so I'll definitely be making this recipe for sure.

Thanks for sharing


Will Work For Style said...

I love Giada too! Shes so cute though sometimes I think her smile is plastered on her face. But I would have to say Ina Garten is still my favorite. Just cut the amount of butter she asks for with olive oil and you still have a sensationally yummie meal!

Those mini tacos look so decadent and delicious!