Wednesday, July 14, 2010

101 cookbooks

This weekend I was browsing online for cooking blogs with a lot of vegetarian recipes. Then I came across this amazing blog 101 Cookbooks. I love the photography and the easy to use directory (you can search by style or ingredient). I've already tried four of the recipes and they all were amazing.

I made these orange and oat scones yesterday morning (which is why I didn't post) but substituted dried cranberries for the currants.

This lemon cucumber tofu salad might be my favorite. (pardon my disgusting yellow lighting.)

I just discovered while doing this post that she has a cookbook out that's actually been on my wishlist for almost 2 years! I think it's time to buy.


Ericka said...

How funny, a friend recommended that cookbook to me yesterday.

Torie Jayne said...

Thanks for sharing, off to check this out, Have a sweet day!

Every Little Counts said...

mmm... this all looks so yummy- even the tofu! it's funny because even though i'm a vegetarian i almost never eat tofu. weird, i know. but this looks good!