Thursday, July 15, 2010

movie interiors: Along Came Polly

I absolutely love, love, love Jennifer Aniston's apartment in this movie. It made me want to buy a red/orange quilt so bad that eventually I did. I just love the eclectic bohemian quality to it.

you never see where that ladder goes...

gotta have an eames chair.

I wish I had doors like that so I could collage on them.

I love the idea of the collection of vintage mirrors in the bathroom, but not really a great idea if your toilet is placed directly in front of them. Not a pretty site.

never thought I would post a bathroom pic of someone actually using the bathroom.

there's my exposed brick.

that's the red quilt I was talking about. Love that headboard too.

I love all of the little vignettes throughout the apartment.

and of course she has beautiful stained glass windows.


Lillith Foxx said...
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Lillith Foxx said...

This apartment has been in the back of my mind since I saw the movie, and now that I'm getting my own flat in downtown Vancouver I'm planning on just becoming Polly.
Thanks so much for these screen shots, thuper duper helpful!

Lana Montana said...

What is her interior style and fashion style?