Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have been baking up a storm lately. I was never really good at it before, but I'm convinced it was because I never had an electric mixer. It really makes all the difference. I came across this wonderful site devoted mostly to cupcakes and tried one this weekend. It was the best cupcake I've ever had. No. 27.

I think I'll make No. 12 next.

I just wish I could have caffeine again! These make my mouth water.

I also made Savory No. 2 which were AMAZING!

But we ate them all before I could photograph them...


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm drooling just thinking of these cupcakes! I think I will being doing some baking this weekend!


Kelley said...

Oh man, those look SO DELICIOUS! I'd be interested in making the savory ones for dinner sometime.